11 Jun 2019

Gluten & Dairy Free Fried Chicken

I have been gluten free for 8 years now and to be honest I don’t really miss it except for ChickFilA. Y’all know what I’m talking about haha. Mathew and I have made many different recipes in the past but this has got to be my favorite one thus far. It’s seriously so delicious and…

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07 Jun 2019

Sensing More – Date Night In

This was our third date night in box so far and we loved it yet again! It’s just so fun to get a date sent straight to your door and having everything you need to do it. We chose the faith version this time which was a nice twist but I think we will be…

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05 Jun 2019

Serenity Baby Food

Let’s talk about baby food… it can be so scary to start feeding your little one. Half of the people you know are doing one thing and the other half are doing another. When I started feeding Luke I let him take the lead. I basically just tried a couple of things until I figured…

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03 Jun 2019

Hooray Hero’s Father’s Day Book

How many of you have a pretty hard time shopping for Father’s Day? It’s Mathews first Father’s Day and I wanted it to be special for him so I researched different fun ideas and when I came across this one I knew it was the winner! I thought the quality of the book was awesome…

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27 May 2019

Amazon Prime Try-On

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you’re all kicking your feet up and relaxing! Or at least that you got to for some part of this past weekend. I did a whole try on session in my Instagram stories today and will be saved to my highlights for future reference. I have been using prime wardrobe…

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16 May 2019

Chunky Pepper Condiment

So we are a big fan of spice in our household! We love all things spicy and try and add it to our food in anyway possible ha ha. I decided the other day to try and make my own chunky pepper condiment to just add to our food that would be fresh and light…

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13 May 2019

Berkey Water System

Have you ever thought about what is in the water you’re drinking? It has been a goal of mine to find the best system to eliminate all of the chemicals and bad things that are in our drinking water. There are a million different filters out there so it’s hard to know which one is…

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08 May 2019

Sunday Lawn Care

Happy Wednesday! I am so glad we are half way through the week! I shared on my stories about Sunday lawn care this past weekend when Mathew and I were putting it out but I wanted to write up a blog post for y’all with all of the details and information about it! Basically, it’s…

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06 May 2019

5 Minute Challenge

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I did not have this planned but when I woke up this morning I had an OVERWHELMING amount of anxiety. Anxiety for me doesn’t mean that I am stressed about something specific or that something happened that’s upsetting me, but it comes out of no where and I can’t figure out…

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  • It’s been a crazy last few days... Luke and I both have a cold or something, I started my period for the first time since before I was pregnant, Luke got two teeth and potentially getting more 🤪 literally been so crazy... we have busy days this week too between appointments and things we need to get done but thankfully I am feeling much better today and am starting a new workout this week as well (assuming I feel good enough) so I can see it all heading uphill! Hope you’re all having a much better week!
  • Our weekly Sunday picture that we forgot to take so had to run out in the rain to get 🤪 hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! I am struggling with allergies/cold (not sure) but still had a great day today
  • Happy Father’s Day to my best friend, husband, and father to sweet baby Luke 🥰 so thankful for you
  • | EIGHT MONTHS | We are 2/3 of the way to one year! So crazy! Luke has 4 teeth now and he loves to army crawl, pull up on things, eat anything and everything, and still loves to be outside!
  • Cheers to the weekend y’all! Hope everyone had a great week and has an even better weekend! 🥂
  • We love Trader Joe’s! We got to go and shop with our aunt and cousin the other day and we had a blast! I think Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite stores to shop at because of the fun variety and the unique items they offer! Who else is a fan?

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