06 May 2019

5 Minute Challenge

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I did not have this planned but when I woke up this morning I had an OVERWHELMING amount of anxiety. Anxiety for me doesn’t mean that I am stressed about something specific or that something happened that’s upsetting me, but it comes out of no where and I can’t figure out what is causing that feeling. I felt like a weight was on my chest and I was short of breathe.

There are many things that can cause this for me whether it be lack of sleep, not enough time for myself (selfcare), not enough time spent in The Word, or maybe a looming deadline or decision that needs to be made.

That brings me to the 5 minute challenge… I am challenging y’all to give yourself 5 minutes in the morning to regroup your thoughts and mind and decide then and there that today will be a great day. Take any thoughts captive and switch them with happy/truthful thoughts! I’m not saying you have to read the Bible (this would be my choice) but there are other ways you can do this. I found found that taking just 5 minutes can help reset my mind and to get rid of that anxious feeling.

Ideas to do during the 5 min:

-journal about thoughts

-make a list of things you would love to get done today

-change your thoughts to positive ones

-call a friend if you need advise

-sing a song (might sound silly but it helps)

-take your vitamins

-get out in the sun

Those are just a couple of ideas for y’all! If you would like to take the challenge with me then post each morning what you’re doing in your stories and use the hashtag #CC5min

Have a great day!


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  • Luke wasn’t sure what to think about the goats but he did like to watch them eat 👀 Luke has decided he wants to wake up earlier again which is really not cutting it for me 🥴 why must they change so much! The minute you get used to one thing it all changes...
  • Alright guys here’s the scoop... I have talked about this in the past but you NEED to try it. It gets Mathew and I both through our days and makes a huge difference in the way we feel and handle stress! Mathew has a high stress job, he’s the administrator of a nursing home, so it’s important for him to stay balanced and have something to help keep his brain focused and this stuff right here is key. If you missed it yesterday I have an incentive going on right now for anyone who places an order through my life Vantage link in my bio and sends me a screen shot! It’s a game changer people!
  • Went to the McKinney ice cream crank off yesterday and it was hot hot hot ☀️ we still had fun though and Luke loved the fire truck haha 🚒
  • Too cool for the pool 😎
  • This little guy loves going out to eat and he doesn’t care where we go or what it is as long as it’s what I’m eating 😋
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