29 Jul 2019

Beach with a Baby

Going to the beach with a baby may not sound like loads of fun but it can be done! We took Luke to the beach when he was 6 months old and we had a blast. I have had a lot of questions about how we did it and what products we used so I thought I would write up a quick blog post about it for y’all to be able to reference back to.

Swimsuit: Pick a swimsuit with long sleeves with sun protection so that you’re not having to use tons of sunscreen and having to reapply it all the time. We obviously still used sunscreen but it made it easier to not have as much surface area to cover.

Hat: We found a super nice hat off of Amazon that tied under Lukes chin and had sun protection so we loved it. Another great way to avoid having to put so much sunscreen on them

Sunscreen: I did my research on this one because as you know if you have been following me more than a hot minute I do not like to use products with any kinds of harmful chemicals in them, especially for a baby so click here if you want to check out the one I use for Luke!

Umbrella/Tent: You could go either way on this one and here is what my suggestion to you would be… if you plan to be on the beach for hours at a time and potentially have your baby sleep out there (was not the case for us) then I could see a tent being VERY useful and almost necessary to make the experience more pleasant. However, we stayed in a house literally on the beach so we only went out for about an hour at a time so it was much easier for us to just set up an umbrella. I do recommend if you use an umbrella to buy one that has a part that anchors into the sand so that it won’t blow away

Toys: Toys will be very helpful in entertaining your little one while down at the beach. We bought a bunch of cheap toys at Walmart that were plastic so that we could use them and it wouldn’t matter if they got wet. If you have older kids then I am sure you already have some actual beach toys in mind

Snacks/Drinks: We brought some snacks and water with us to extend our stay a little bit. It wasn’t crazy hot when we were there but if it is then you of course want to make sure they get a good amount of water in them

I think that pretty much sums it up! If you have any other questions or think of something I missed then please comment below! I also will update later if we end up at the beach again anytime soon!

Love, Lindsey

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