07 Aug 2019

Xtrema Cookware

Hey everyone! I have been a little slow to do blog posts lately but I am trying to work on getting them back up and running again! As many of you saw on my Instagram feed a couple of weeks ago I received a skillet from Xtrema Cookware. This pot is made of ceramic and it has been AMAZING! I have been cooking in it all the time now and it works for so many types of dishes. I have been very impressed!

A little bit about Xtrema:

-They have no lead or heavy metals in them- you might wonder why this is important… but these can actually come off into your food with traditional pans. If you suffer from any kind of autoimmune disease or heavy metal toxicity then you would really want to eliminate using traditional pans making these a wonderful and safe alternative!

– You can use this pan in SO many ways which is so cool! It can go on a grill, in a microwave, it’s dishwasher safe (a great perk!), it can be used in the oven. There are just endless possibilities for this pan.

So basically it’s like an all in one pan/pot and you can use it in any way and every way that you could possibly need! I have been a huge fan and have had zero issues with sticking and best of all the pan doesn’t scratch! I also think it’s really pretty and looks great sitting on my stove as decoration as well!

If you have any questions about them feel free to reach out to me!

Have a blessed day!


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