07 Jan 2019

Tuft & Needle

Hello hello hello! Today is my birthday! Woohoo! Since I have a newborn baby I am not really doing anything crazy for my birthday but nothing is more valuable to me right now then my sleep!

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were talking about how terrible our pillows are and how we tend to have neck pain when we wake up so we thought enough was enough haha.

We already have a Tuft & Needle mattress that we seriously have loved since the day it arrived (if you don’t already have a mattress that you love I highly recommend this one) so we decided to try out their pillows as well. They also do 100 night trial so we figured we didn’t have anything to loose.

They shipped and arrived quickly after ordering which was a bonus. We tried them out that first night and we seriously have loved them. My husband had been sleeping on two slouchy soft pillows and I had been sleeping on a firm big pillow so for both of us to love this one was a surprise! I wasn’t expecting to adjust to them so quickly but just like their mattress we loved them and never looked back

So if you’re in the market for a new pillow be sure to look into this one!

Love, Lindsey

P.S. this is not sponsored or affiliated with Tuft & Needle- these are my honest opinions

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