12 Feb 2019

Kiinde Breastfeeding System

Breastfeeding can be daunting and thinking about having to clean bottles all day long is a no for me…. there are about 10,000 other things I can think of that I would rather do! That being said, before Luke was born I did my research and found a system that I knew was going to work wonders for us! The Kiinde system is by far the easiest system to use. You literally pump straight into the bags and then you can store them in the bags in the freezer or fridge. Then when it comes time to feed your adorable baby you just heat it up and you stick it inside of the “bottle” it comes with and attach the nipple on top and it’s ready! The only part you ever have to clean is the nipple and that is super easy! I have been using these since day 1 and seriously am in love with it! I would recommend them to anyone looking to save time… but I will say they aren’t cost effective compared to cleaning a bottle haha but for me it was worth it!

Let me know if you have any questions about it!


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