16 Feb 2019

Binxy Baby Cart Hammock

Going shopping with a baby is no easy task… especially when they aren’t a big fan of their car seat AND they don’t like being worn because they can’t look around as well. When I found out about the Binxy Baby cart hammock I knew I had to try it out. It has seriously been one of my favorite baby products so far because I can just throw it in the cart and put him in and get my shopping done! As you can see from the picture he loves to lounge in it and look around.

Ease of use: it’s very easy to put into the cart. I normally pick a parking spot near a cart return and grab a cart from there and then I put it into the cart and hook it on with the straps. It’s even big enough to use in the Costco carts which is actually where I am in those pictures! In the Costco cart you need to put it at the end of the cart as shown. This can be used until about 6-8 months or until they can sit up and it is also safety tested.

Style: they have lots of really cute color options which is a bonus! I love this one though with the fun white and grey pattern!

Alternate option: if your baby does like their car seat then this product can still be super helpful for you. You can put the hammock in the cart and place the car seat in the hammock. This leaves you with room in your cart for the actual groceries that you’re there to buy!

Luke loves this product and so does everyone else in the grocery store when they see it! I can’t tell you how many comments I have recieved from people about how cool it is and that they wished they had one when their children were babies.

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I received this product complements of Binxy Baby and the link above is an affiliate link


  1. Cami wrote:

    I 100% need this in my life!!

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