11 Apr 2019


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do not have any background that would be able to recommend certain things for your babe but what I can tell you is what worked for us. Obviously, consult your pediatrician if you have any questions or concerns while your baby is teething.

Luke started “teething” at about 4 months but what does that mean? Basically, he was drooling, tugging at his ear, and was fussy. So was he really “teething?” Who knows haha babies are a mystery!

How I knew he was actually teething was when…

– He was grabbing at his mouth, wouldn’t go one second without having something in his mouth even if it was his fingers

– Pulled at ears (they can have drainage)

– Was uncontrollably fussy even when distracted (which normally I could easily distract him)

– Had a low grade fever (like 99 nothing like a real fever!)

After about a day I could then see the lines of where the teeth would soon come through the gums. (Picture #2) THAT is when you really are clued in on the fact that it’s teething and nothing more

It took a couple of days for them to come through the gums from there and it was rough.

Here are some things that helped Luke:

– Hylands oral pain relief tablets (regular & night time) –click here

– Apple slices

– Calcium

– Teething oil (click to see)

– Tylenol- only a small dose and only if it was really bad- your mom gut will tell you if it’s necessary – I also buy dye free because I don’t eat any food dye myself and don’t think it’s good to give babies

– silicone teether (click to see)

Those are the things that worked best for my baby… every baby is different BUT I do think it was helpful that I had these things on hand and ready to try when he needed them most. So if you have a baby that’s about to start teething or you think has already started then it may be in your best interest to go ahead and come up with a game plan to try so you’re not running crazy once it hits!

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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