13 Apr 2019

House Plants

Alright guys a little disclaimer before we get going… I might have gone a little overboard with the house plants but let me tell you… I don’t regret it one bit! The Sills saying is “plants make people happy” and boy are they correct!

I had been dying for a fiddle leaf fig tree for months and I had looked all over. I even considered getting a fake one but never found one that looked nice enough, to my standard at least. One day I came across Fastgrowingtrees.com and they had them for 60 dollars! A real live tree for that price was crazy! In comparison, I had only seen ones for close to 100 everywhere else. Obviously, I ordered from them…. two to be exact haha and they arrived in the mail and were amazing! I would highly recommend buying from them if you’re in need of plants!

Next, cue my purchase from The Sill, another awesome plant store that delivers to your door BUT they are exclusively house plants. I was in need of a couple of plants for my sisters housewarming gift and I knew she had a specific plant she was wanting. Once I found it on their site I then found so many others that I had to have for my home. They came in within the week and were packaged super well. You could tell the box had been through some transports (thank you postal service) but the plants inside were in perfect condition!

I posted pictures of all of them! You can shop the links here as well if you’re interested! Hope you enjoy!


The Sill

Fast Growing Trees


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