02 May 2019

Starting Solids – FAQ

I have had many questions about how I started solids with baby Luke. To make it easier to use as a resource I decided I would just write up a post for y’all to reference back at when needed.

When did you start? I started introducing solids to Luke when he was 5 months old

What did you start with? I started with avocado, however, I do think it would have been better to start with peaches or a fruit because avocado is a little bland

Are you doing BLW (baby led weening) or purées? I have done a mix of both which I have really liked! If the foods are soft and he can do it himself then I choose that over purées because he likes to feed himself better then me feeding him. I will say though that I do not just give him whatever we are eating at a meal… I still like to slowly introduce foods so that I know if one upsets him or not.

When you go out to eat do you feed him? I typically try and order something that he can have a couple of bites of because if I don’t he will constantly grab at my plate which makes it nearly impossible to eat haha. For example, on vacation I had some fried cod that I took a couple pieces of the middle out of and a few bites of buttered potato

They say salt is bad… does that mean I can’t give them anything salty? I am not a doctor or nutritionist but from my understanding you’re able to give them a little salt (foods that already have salt on them) and it be okay! For example, I give Luke seaweed snacks and they do have some salt on them

What foods have you given Luke so far? Avocado, peaches, carrot, broccoli, banana, beets, seaweed, sweet potato, potato, pear, apple, cod, oats, lemon, orange, beans, peas, and more that I can’t think of right now haha

If y’all have any other questions let me know and I will update the post!



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