31 May 2019

Inexpensive outings for you and your kids this summer!

Seeing that my child is not in school yet I don’t really know how it feels for them to be in school during the year and then not in the summer but I can only imagine! I have a hard enough time finding things to do with baby Luke especially because he’s not walking around yet haha.

I decided that I would put together a list of ideas for those of you who have older kids or babies of things you can do that are either really cheap or free!

1. Pet store: my baby loves to look at the pets in the pet store and it’s obviously free haha

2. Park: there are always parks nearby and it’s an easy way to get outdoors. To avoid the super hot times maybe try going first thing in the morning when it’s cooler out

3. Pool: maybe you have a friend or family member or even a local pool to go to… this is kind of obvious for the summer but I had to include it in the list

4. Library: the local library usually has story times and some sort of weekly events happening that are free and also fun for the kids

5. Picnic: pack a picnic and go out and eat it! We have a super cute picnic blanket which also makes it fun. You can even just pack one and eat in the backyard!

6. Sprinklers: if there is no pool around then try just turning on the sprinklers and letting them run through them

7. Create a neighborhood play group: ask your neighbors if they would be interested in a get together for your kids to play!

8. Scavenger hunt: you can do this in your home or outdoors and can be used in many ways depending on the kids age

9. Camping: you can camp in the backyard, the living room, or even go on a legit camping trip. Your kids will love just the change of scenery!

10. Art museum: some local museums don’t cost anything or will have discounted times and days for kids

11. Side walk chalk: fun way to entertain at home

12. Splash pad: I feel like these are increasingly popular and lots of parks have them that are free to go to

13. Movies: movies can be tough with kids but I know that around here our theaters have special show times specifically for kids so that if it’s noisy it’s okay

I’ll continue to add more to the list as they come to me but that’s it for now folks! Have a great weekend!


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  • I took Luke to visit the place I worked before staying home with him 🥰 it was such a sweet time. He loves the alpacas because duh, who wouldn’t 🦙 I hope everyone has had a good week so far! If I’m being honest mine has not been wonderful... currently sitting here trying to figure out what to do because my neck is so stiff I can’t turn it on direction 🤷🏻‍♀️😭 prayers appreciated!

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