19 Jun 2019

It’s Okay

Hey everyone, this post is going to look a little different… I don’t have a bunch of staged and pretty pictures but I do have some encouraging words for you to hear.

The world of social media can be draining. It’s full of perfectly posed and pretty things and it for sure makes that comparison game creep in. I obviously am working to bring y’all authentic advise and to bring awareness to products that I truly love and use myself. I will never promote something I don’t love one hundred percent.

This past week has been tough and I haven’t been able to actually get the posts done that I had planned or scheduled to do… and that’s okay.

There is laundry everywhere, toys covering the ground, my dishes need to be cleaned, the floors REALLY need to be cleaned… that’s only to name a few.

Luke has two teeth coming in on top, about halfway in so far that have been killing him. Then we both got a cold, at least I think that’s what it was, and still recovering from that… oh and I started my period for the first time in 1.5 years. On top of that, Luke has been having some spots of eczema that have only been getting worse and last night he woke up at 3 am itching and wouldn’t go back to sleep. It’s so sad when you feel like you can’t help them. We are going to the doctor this morning to get him checked out and hopefully get some answers as to what could be causing this reaction.

I am not writing this for pity… I’m in a good place! I have Jesus by my side and we are ready to conquer whatever is coming our way! Haha. I am feeling good and I am able to relax while he naps and not care about the state of the house right now! The reason I am writing is to just encourage you to take a breath, take a step back, and just let times like this just be okay… I love to be in control but that’s really not in the cards all the time and it’s okay!

I hope that all makes sense. I feel like I just rambled away there haha

I hope you’re all having a great, blessed, and amazing week and if you’re not… it’s okay! But also, if you decide to be okay with it then you’re week can still be all you had hoped it would be! Make it a good one!


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