08 Jul 2019

Great Love – DNI

It’s that time again to review our monthly date night in box! This time the theme was great love and it was seriously so precious. It honestly was probably my favorite date yet because it had multiple games involved and I love games!

They had a game they made that was like a mix between go fish and clue which was actually super funny and really great! I loved it. They also had Mexican train with the dominos.

Next, they had us do a time capsule where we answered questions about different things in our relationship for the future and I think it will be so fun to open it in ten years and read back on it! Such a clever idea!

If you’re looking for an easy date night idea for you and your significant other then you should try it out! It’s so simple and so creative and of course comes right to your door once a month making it so easy to fit in a date at home!

Feel free to leave questions in the comments below!


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