11 Sep 2019

Do you have a trust or will?

So let’s get real here for a minute… do you have a trust and/or will set up? I really hadn’t thought much about this until I had Luke. Once this little guy came into the world I knew I needed to have a plan in place in the event something happened to us. For a little bit I didn’t even want to think about it but then I obviously shoved my sad thoughts aside and figured out how I could make this happen in a timely and budget friendly manor. This brings us to Trust & Will. This company helps you create a trust and/or will online in a matter of minutes. It is SUPER user friendly and they have people available to chat with if you have any questions, which naturally I did.

It’s very expensive to create one typically and this price couldn’t be beat… especially for the lack of prep I had done on the topic. It’s as easy as taking a quiz to find out what Friends character you would be… okay maybe just a tad more, but seriously super simple.

If you don’t have a plan set up and you have assets and children then I seriously would recommend jumping on this… it’s one of those things that hopefully you won’t “need” right now BUT could be detrimental if it was needed and you hadn’t done it.

I have a code for y’all to get $10 dollars off, ADULTING.

Let me know if you have any questions about the process or anything else!


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