30 Sep 2019

Luke’s Colorado Packing List

I actually had a lot of you reach out and ask me to do a post about what I packed for Luke when we went to Colorado so here it goes! For starters… I think it’s obvious that I packed him a bunch of clothes haha I feel like that’s not what you’re interested in knowing about when you asked what I packed for him so I am going to skip that part of it! I plan to hit the main points for traveling with Luke and what we packed and leave out the obvious!

  1. Pack-N-Play & Mattress– My dads house in Colorado already has a Pack-N-Play but have you ever felt the mattresses on those things?! They are awful. That being said, I bought Luke a travel mattress that folds up and fits into the Pack-N-Play so that he has a real mattress to sleep on. He is also a stomach sleeper so it’s really needed for him to have a good foundation!
  2. Hiking Backpack– So this came in handy in MULTIPLE ways on this trip. For starters, we used it in the airport and carried him in it. It worked out super well because he could see over us and was distracted by looking around so he loved it! We didn’t take a stroller because we had this and it honestly was so much easier in our opinion! The second way we used it obviously was to go hiking since we were in Colorado haha. Now when we go to Charleston next month we plan to just take an umbrella stroller because we don’t want to lug around the backpack when we won’t use it once we get there!
  3.  Sound Machine– we don’t go anywhere without this sound machine! It is seriously wonderful and works so well! This is the sound machine we use for nights and naps
  4. Portable Sound Machine– we also take a tiny little portable sound machine for the airport to try and get in a nap before the flight. The one we have works super well!
  5. Car Seat Bag– whether you check your car seat at the counter or at the gate you are going to want a bag to put it in or it will get nasty! This isn’t a special bag or anything it just is big enough for all carseats from infant to convertible so we use it!
  6. Separate Food Bag– going through security can be a nightmare especially with kids when you pack a million snacks and have bottles of milk for. A trick I did this past trip was to have a dedicated bag for all of the food and milk. It made it SUPER easy to go through security because I literally just dumped the bag out into a bin and sent it through and none of our stuff was pulled! Worked like a charm! Also if you’re taking milk try telling them before it goes through that you have milk and they may let you skip the whole “milk being tested” part if they look at it first!

That is all of the important items I can think of at the moment but if I think of others I’ll be sure to add them! In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions!


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