02 Oct 2019

Nail Polish Without The Chemicals

Have you ever researched what’s in nail polish?! If you haven’t then I would encourage you to take a look! If you have followed me for any time at all then you know I try my best to cut chemicals out of our lives and one way to do that is with using an all natural nail polish! I really started thinking about it when Luke always wants to put my hands in his mouth hahaha I know that it’s just a phase but for now I would rather him not be putting chemicals in his mouth!

I found Ella & Mila through my sister, Leslie Anne, who gave me some for Christmas! It is wonderful nail polish that works just as well as the others I have used for years. I now take my own nail polish with me to get my pedicures which is also just much more sanitary! I have gotten some fun colors and then of course the neutrals I love! I will link some of my favorites below but you can also click here for all of them sold at Target! They also have a soy nail polish remover that I haven’t tried but plan to soon!

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