03 Oct 2019

Kindermusik – aka. Baby Music

Music has always been a super important thing in my life and in my husbands life. We both are musical and love music. We knew when Luke was born that he would love it too because any little sound, rhythm, or song that comes on he lights up and starts to dance. Once he was old enough, at least old enough to where I was willing to pay for a class haha, I signed him up for Kindermusik! I actually went when I was younger as well and LOVED it! We have been going for about a month now and it has been so fun to meet other moms and kids that live in our area along with getting to play instruments and sing songs together. Luke doesn’t always participate which is okay! It happens… if you missed the “door stop” story then you should follow along in my Instagram stories! I know that this is just the beginning for Luke and his love of all things music!

Kindermusik uses a curriculum which I think is so cool! You get take home material to work on with them as well so that it’s not just one time a week and that they get more and more used to participating in the music part. Luke loves to go and I think it is such a cool learning experience for him to start at this young age and build throughout the many years to come!

If you have any questions about it that I did not cover feel free to ask me below!

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