14 Apr 2020

Lunch with Luke #1

This is going to be a new category of fun on my Instagram but I have also decided I would try and expand on it over here on my blog once a week with some tips and tricks to feed your little ones! Also, a little disclaimer, it will not always be “lunch” but the title is fun so that is what I will be calling it!

Let’s talk about last weeks “Lunch with Luke”… I made a super easy and delicious breakfast for him containing oatmeal (his all time fav), yogurt, and raspberries. There are so many great combinations you could do with these and honestly you probably saw his plate and thought “that’s a lot of food” you wouldn’t be wrong… Luke eats a lot of food! I am practicing intuitive eating with him which basically means I want him to learn to eat until he’s satisfied and finished on his own… I don’t want him to feel like he’s eating to please someone else or that he’s eating something because he “has” to eat it.

Feeding kids can be tough but here are some tips that I use with Luke:

  1. I always put something on his plate that I know he loves – this way he doesn’t sit down to a plate of totally new foods and look at it and not even taste anything
  2. I try to also put something on his plate that he’s never tried or that I know he didn’t like in the past – you’re probably thinking “why would I do that” the reason is the more times they are introduced to a food the more likely they are to eat it
  3. I do not force Luke to eat any of the food on his plate… if he doesn’t want it that’s totally fine.. again, I want to teach him to eat what he feels like eating AND as much as he wants to eat
  4. If he asks for more of one item I give it to him – If he ate all the raspberries and wants more but didn’t touch the yogurt that is okay, I give him more of what he wants. This is teaching healthy eating habits. You might be thinking “that’s wasting food” – I cover up anything he didn’t eat and I introduce it either at the next meal or the next day… I do not waste the food
  5. If they sit down, see a food and say “no” make them leave it on their plate BUT don’t try and force them to eat it- a lot of times Luke will sit down and see something he, at that moment, doesn’t want and he looks at me and says “no” trying to hand it to me… I tell him “leave it on your plate but you don’t have to eat it” 8 times out of 10 he ends up coming back to it and eating it

That was a LOT for one post so I am going to stop there… I will do 5 more tips next week and/or will be expanding on certain topics that have come up between now and then!

If you have any questions at all please reach out to me! I would love to help!



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