21 Apr 2020

Lunch With Luke #2

Three Practical Tips To Get Your Child Eating More Foods:


Eat Together:

Mathew and I always eat dinner with Luke even if it means eating dinner at 5:15 some nights! I really believe it is important for kids to eat with someone and see them eating the same foods they are eating. I see a lot of differences with Lukes eating habits when I eat with him vs. when he eats alone. I would say he tries way more foods when we are all eating the same things! If I had a bowl of pasta but gave Luke a bowl of broccoli he most likely won’t want to eat his… but if I eat the broccoli with him, he’s more likely to eat it as well! I know you may not always have the option to do this but if you could try and get at least one meal a day where you eat with them I really think you will find a big difference! Another thing I have found interesting with Luke is that he wants my utensil… I don’t know if he just thinks it’s fun or if he just wants to be like me! For that reason I actually found some stainless silver utensils on Amazon that I ordered for him so he would have one that’s a little smaller but looks like ours! I will link them here! As you can see in the image above, we made a super fun charcuterie┬ádinner and I made Luke his own little plate for him to have everything we had on ours!


Get Suction Dishes:

This one might feel random, that’s because my brain is a little all over the place this morning! I really believe having suction bottom bowl and plates really helps Luke feed himself. It can be really hard to scoop, lets say oatmeal, from a bowl that is moving all over the place! That is why I really believe you should get some with a suction bottom! The ones you always see me use are our favorites but I also recently found a really cool bowl to try so I will let you know if those are good too! Basically any suction dish will work! I will link some here for you if you want to see!


Stop Saying “my child won’t eat that”:

It is SO easy to right off foods and just say “my child is picky and won’t eat that” while it might feel true at that time you have to keep trying or you actually will end up with a picky eater!


  • You have to give them the opportunity to try the foods multiple times so that they can get used to them… the first time they try something it can be hit or miss but it doesn’t mean they will never eat it… keep putting it in front of them!
  • Do not pressure them to eat something… this creates a power struggle and will never come out in your favor!
  • Back to my first point… if they don’t see you eat the foods then they probably won’t want to either!

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