30 Apr 2020

Lunch With Luke – Snack Series

Y’all asked for it so here it is! The first snack series of Lunch with Luke is here! I have so many wonderful plans for this series and I am thrilled that snacks was one of your most requested topics.

Luke has about 2 snacks a day and one of them is typically on the go! Which brings me to our first topic…. Bars!

Bars are one of the easiest things to grab and go and Luke loves them! The problem with a lot of bars is they can be full of not-so-good ingredients and a lot of them have refined sugar. One of our all time favorite bar brands is Skout Organics. These bars are made with very few ingredients, are organic, and they are very healthy for your little ones.

The main ingredient in them is dates… dates are full of wonderful nutrients. Dates contain both slow-burning fiber and easily-digested, quickly-absorbed glucose. They’re rich in vitamins and minerals as well making them great for a quick snack! They are also able to not use refined sugars because of the natural sweet flavor the dates have!

I just love the quality of the ingredients they make their bars with and then on top of that Luke is a huge fan of all of the wonderful flavors they offer! You can find them at Walmart but you can also order them online! I will link them here 🙂 (link gets your 20% off your order!)

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be doing more on snacks in the coming weeks!


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