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20 Nov 2019

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guides

Alright guys here are the stocking stuffer gift guides y’all asked for! I didn’t do tons on here just because I didn’t feel it was necessary! I also only did Target because I think we all shop there and it’s just easier shopping all in one spot! But also, we all love Target! Womens: Mens:

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04 Nov 2019

Warby Parker Glasses

If you follow along in my Instagram stories then you saw that last weekend I took my husband to Warby Parker to get some new glasses! We had such a wonderful experience. First I had ordered a sample box of 5 different frames (free of charge) for him to try on for a couple of…

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10 Oct 2019

My Go-To Gift For Everyone

I am a gift giver and love it! Sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect gift for a specific person and I have found one that never fails! My girl Cami over at Shop Southern Jones creates hand crafted mugs and they are to die for! They are permanent and the design is…

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30 Sep 2019

Luke’s Colorado Packing List

I actually had a lot of you reach out and ask me to do a post about what I packed for Luke when we went to Colorado so here it goes! For starters… I think it’s obvious that I packed him a bunch of clothes haha I feel like that’s not what you’re interested in…

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11 Sep 2019

Do you have a trust or will?

So let’s get real here for a minute… do you have a trust and/or will set up? I really hadn’t thought much about this until I had Luke. Once this little guy came into the world I knew I needed to have a plan in place in the event something happened to us. For a…

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08 Jul 2019

Great Love – DNI

It’s that time again to review our monthly date night in box! This time the theme was great love and it was seriously so precious. It honestly was probably my favorite date yet because it had multiple games involved and I love games! They had a game they made that was like a mix between…

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19 Jun 2019

It’s Okay

Hey everyone, this post is going to look a little different… I don’t have a bunch of staged and pretty pictures but I do have some encouraging words for you to hear. The world of social media can be draining. It’s full of perfectly posed and pretty things and it for sure makes that comparison…

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03 Jun 2019

Hooray Hero’s Father’s Day Book

How many of you have a pretty hard time shopping for Father’s Day? It’s Mathews first Father’s Day and I wanted it to be special for him so I researched different fun ideas and when I came across this one I knew it was the winner! I thought the quality of the book was awesome…

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08 May 2019

Sunday Lawn Care

Happy Wednesday! I am so glad we are half way through the week! I shared on my stories about Sunday lawn care this past weekend when Mathew and I were putting it out but I wanted to write up a blog post for y’all with all of the details and information about it! Basically, it’s…

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