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30 Apr 2020

Lunch With Luke – Snack Series

‌Y’all asked for it so here it is! The first snack series of Lunch with Luke is here! I have so many wonderful plans for this series and I am thrilled that snacks was one of your most requested topics. Luke has about 2 snacks a day and one of them is typically on the…

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21 Apr 2020

Lunch With Luke #2

Three Practical Tips To Get Your Child Eating More Foods:   Eat Together: Mathew and I always eat dinner with Luke even if it means eating dinner at 5:15 some nights! I really believe it is important for kids to eat with someone and see them eating the same foods they are eating. I see…

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14 Apr 2020

Lunch with Luke #1

This is going to be a new category of fun on my Instagram but I have also decided I would try and expand on it over here on my blog once a week with some tips and tricks to feed your little ones! Also, a little disclaimer, it will not always be “lunch” but the…

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